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Use our special set of playing cards for augmentation

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Place virtual objects into the real world.

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Start making your own location based or AR projects.

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Some of the ways trainers, educators, learning experience designers are using Reality Labo

JIT Training

Connecting relevant and contextual media to places and objects for just-in-time information.

Gamified Learning

Creating Pokémon Go like experiences for training scenarios on location.

New Media Literacy

Creative projects for new paradigms of new media and augmented reality

Enhanced Textbooks

Add videos, 3D models, and other digital content to existing textbooks.

Hyflex Lessons

A new way to connect learners both on-site and online

Community Projects

Create physical spaces that combines persistent digital art

Eric Hawkinson

Eric Hawkinson

Learning Futurist


Eric is a learning futurist, tinkering with and designing technologies that may better inform the future of teaching and learning. Eric's projects have included augmented tourism rallies, AR community art exhibitions, mixed reality escape rooms, and other experiments in immersive technology.


25 years as an educator, researcher, developer, author, designer, and digital learning advocate.


Global Collaborative Learning Projects

Why Me Project

Why Me?

6-8 Weeks

15-20 Hours

Leadership Communication
Explore the 'why' in each of us to better communicate with teams and engage with communities

BIG Project

Before I Graduate

3-5 Weeks

10-15 Hours

Goal Setting
Finding a north star to guide us into the future and supporting each other in moving toward it.

Hometown Project

My Hometown

6-8 Weeks

25-30 Hours

Cultural Exchange
Travel the world without leaving home, exploring communities alive with stories and experiences in virtual reality.

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